The ROAR Be+ is a limited production electric sedan designed for families, accommodating more than five passengers and styled as a sporty sedan. The Be+ vehicle works seamlessly with the Yond yacht, allowing for transportation from land to water much like a ferry, but exclusively designed for the Be+. This combo unit enables travel anywhere reachable by water. Upon reaching your destination, simply drive the Be+ off the yacht, explore your surroundings, and then return home in reverse order. The vehicle is designed for self-driving and can also operate under Drive by Others (OD) mode. The rear gullwing-style doors provide easy access to the rear seats, enhancing convenience and style. Find out more about the Yond YOND together, both unit form the Beyond experience. Reserve your BE+ and YOND EV and Yacht ("BEYOND") here PRE-ORDER! Production is limited; participants will get inside access to the development and manufacturing of the vehicle and yacht. Plus, enjoy more freebies including details of technology, patent-pending innovations, and much more. Just a bit inside secret, the vehicle is designed to integrate fully with the B* DYNA Platform.

BE+ Exterior

The exterior panels are made of carbon fiber, and the structure is constructed from aerospace aluminum to provide lightweight yet strong protection for its occupants. The electrical drivetrain is positioned at the bottom of the vehicle, allowing for storage in both the front hood and the rear. The drivetrain features a unique design that eliminates the need for occupants to step out of the vehicle to charge. All exterior features are designed for ease of use. The rear vehicle lightstrip uniquely identifies the ROAR brand and complements the headlights. Despite being electric, the vehicle is tuned to roar like a lion.


The vehicle boasts a unique interior design that accommodates more than five passengers comfortably. Its innovative canopy-style roof offers full visibility of the sky, allowing more natural light to flood the interior. The dashboard supports both self-driving and driver-based operation (DBO) modes, enabling you to relax and enjoy your journey. The platform allows the seats to slide forward effortlessly, creating a spacious and flexible interior layout. Illuminated by elegant LED light strips, the interior features seats and fabrics made from the finest recyclable leather, combining luxury with sustainability


TheYONDout BEYOND is a revolutionary transportation solution designed for seamless integration with the ROAR BE+. This innovative concept enables travelers to transition effortlessly between land and water travel modes. By pairing the BE+ vehicle with theYONDyacht, users can enjoy versatile and luxurious transportation experiences. Whether cruising on the open sea or navigating urban streets, theYONDout of BEYOND offers unparalleled flexibility and convenience. With its cutting-edge design and functionality, this concept represents the future of multi-modal transportation.