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The Secret Passenger Service helps Rideshare Companies offer better customer service. We can gather insight into your Driver Performance, Vehicle Condition, and other anonymous field research data to evaluate service providers on your network. We aim to help you vet every driver for excellent performance. Our program can be suited to meet your company goals—the program help with data collection so that you can regulate your driver, resulting in an increased user experience across your platform. We are dedicated individuals who maintain an anonymous identity so drivers cannot recognize us as an insider threat in the field of service.


Secret Passenger is individuals that use rideshare services anonymously as a regular customer. By riding these vehicles, we can gather information about Drivers and whether they are meeting your end customer service experience. We can work with you to create a program that helps Drivers improve their customer service in route.


You will have the information needed to determine the removal of Low-performing driver vehicles from your network. Tire condition, A/C, vehicle atmosphere, maintenance, and other vehicle maintenance checks will happen on your behalf. These details gather can help you with ranking different providers on your network. A Secret Passenger will review the vehicle's condition and provide the Driver feedback to your organization.


We can provide a Driver Report by evaluating driver behavior. Drivers should focus on providing safe travel to each customer. The Driver Evaluation can help limit Driver phone use by identifying Drivers who may be using their phones while customers are commuting. At the same time, the Driver should be attentive to customer needs. We can evaluate a particular region of the selective vehicle driver to help improve Driver Performance.


Our maintenance check helps to provide insight into whether a vehicle is a sound for the road. We will review the selective car, such as if their maintenance engine light is off or such things as A/C not working or other maintenance issues such as sound coming from the vehicle mechanism. We want to help you ensure that all vehicle on the network is mechanically sound for the road.