The ROAR YOND is a cutting-edge yacht designed to pair seamlessly with the ROAR BE+ vehicle, offering a unique and cost-effective ownership experience through shared usage. This innovative yacht features a hull that converts ocean water into electricity, which is then used to charge and power the integrated systems, including the BE+ vehicle on board. Find out more about the BE+. The yacht boasts a lift mechanism that transitions the vehicle to a platform, ensuring convenient travel. As a hydrogen-powered vessel, the ROAR YOND serves as a powerplant capable of charging the BE+ vehicle. Additionally, the yacht can be configured without its housing, excluding the BE+ add-on feature if desired. Interested customers can reserve their BE+ and YOND EV and Yacht, collectively known as "BEYOND," via the PRE-ORDER. Production is limited, and participants will receive exclusive access to the development and manufacturing process, along with various freebies such as detailed information on the technology, patent-pending innovations, and more. An insider tip: the vehicle is designed to integrate fully with the B* DYNA Platform.


The Yond Yacht mechanism is designed to lift theBE+into the hull and position it at the center of gravity, allowing for a well-balanced transportation system. The V hull is well-designed to cut through water at high speeds with great stability. Both units combined are designed to maximize the best aerodynamics and reduce drag. The yacht is designed for an open network so that others can use the yacht to transport their families to other destinations on the BDYNA Operational System. The body of the hull offers storage areas to carry important items.


The Yond Hull is designed to convert ocean water into electricity. While the mechanism of the hull supportsBE+EV, the build can be configured with a canopy without the mechanism for the BE+ to suit a normal yacht style. The hull is made of carbon fiber and utilizes durable materials suitable for Yacht Sharing, making the yacht an affordable option for users. Additionally, the yacht can be powered by electricity while the vehicle hull converts water energy for use.


Yond, in collaboration with theBE+, introduces an innovative transportation experience for families. TheBE+seats over five passengers and can commute on both sea and roadways. As an electric vehicle (EV), it offers ample storage space and an open roof design that allows natural light to flood the interior. Its lightweight construction enhances fuel efficiency and performance, while the finest materials ensure durability and luxury. Equipped with advanced safety features and cutting-edge technology, the BE+ provides a secure and comfortable ride for all passengers.