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We offer Carshare, Vehicle Usher, Fly Drone, Returns, Financial, Groom Club, and Carpentry consumer services. The Carshare Consumer Service allows members to share their vehicles on a network with other members. Save time by having us return your item to stores for a refund. We can help you get out of underwater finances. You can receive a discount and find beauty care that specializes in your particular category style. We provided handyperson service to provide you with a tax deduction and used the most advanced electrical power system. Our agents can usher your transportation for maintenance.


Save time and hassle from waiting in lines at the return service center by allowing one of us to return your purchased items to the store. We will come to your location and pick up your purchased merchandise. The agent will then bring the item for a refund and process the transaction refund to your account or through your account. LEARN MORE!


The Financial Service program eliminates your vehicle's upside-down finance. We can provide you with a financial loan that covers the difference in vehicle value. By eliminating your negative value, you will be able to exit your loan with a balance that may be more manageable. These alternatives allow a member to sell their vehicle directly to Auto Traders and Sellers. If you're facing a hardship, this program will help prevent you from falling into default as a grace period to begin paying on the secure loan. LEARN MORE!


The Groom Club offers you a dedicated groomer available on the network where users can send appointments. You can set credentials for a particular groom service and locate the groomer within your location of choice. You can participate in a membership program that provides a package deal from various groomers on the web at a discounted rate. LEARN MORE!


We provide various home services, including lawn and handyperson services like house painting. Our Handyman can help with Deck building and installation, plus home floor installations of the best quality and services. Our experience specifying home repair and installation services as DIY security systems save consumer cost by picking the particular solution that works the best for their budget. In addition, we can help you install the IoT in a specific security system. We offer debris removal and site cleaning for construction. LEARN MORE!