A Database Social Network that pays you for discussion in Cryptocurrency. The website provides a peer-to-peer response to specific tasks. Originators opt for their postage to incentivize participants. Groups are breakdown by expertise. Posters can opt-in for share compensation from Affiliate Marketing. All activities are tied to BitCore generating Bitcoins that can be exchanges for different Cryptocurrencies.

If you are a Seller, sell more products or liquidate your remaining inventory by searching for products on-demand by Buyers. The Shop Your Term TM is a Buyer/Seller Network where you can sell products to Sellers for prices they are willing to pay. As a seller, fill out item details and post the information to a network of Sellers willing to discount their items to satisfy your purchase power. Seller provides product for sale based on your price point and condition.

The Fly Drone lets you experience the world from any location through a Drone Live. We help consumers share their transportation and usher vehicles for maintenance. We can pick up item(s) for return and process a refund on your behalf. Eliminate your balance from a sale with our Underwater Finance. Find and Book Groomer (Barber, Nail Tech, Cosmetologist) for your particular needs by becoming a Groom Member. Get Home Repair(s) that Green, majority of our service achieve with Electrical Tool, LEARN MORE!


Sylvian's TM is a designer brand of products that ease life experiences. The brand's mission is to deliver fashionable items that are clever and unique. An aspiration brand aims to motivate and challenge the status quo by remaining Driven. Sylvian's TM products manufacture the best material that provides functionality and is long-lasting. Exclusive designs redefining urban luxury - Let us know when you'll reach the light at the end of the tunnel; get after it with Sylvian's TM, LEARN MORE!


Design Pinnacle TM provides design engineer service in product development. We can provide you with detailed design documentation that communicates product intent for manufacturability. Our designs help large and small businesses gain funding through innovation—Design Pinnacle's integrated team of Designers and Engineers helps expedite time to market. We seek to discover research solutions that take your brands to the next level. Beyond style, Design Pinnacle is a design engineering consultancy creating a product with the end consumer in mind.

Anonymous Research, we provide field research to Rideshare companies. A research agenda that help maintain quality service across a network and assure consumer are riding in the safest vehicle, LEARN MORE!